Thank you for purchasing this self hosted script. If you have any further questions or difficulties feel free to contact us through our profile here. Thank you !

Please be aware that in the price of this script the support is not included, even tough we won't charge for support but in extraordinary requirements for questions like how to change something in the source code to make it different, or additional adaptations for special requirest will be charged and you will be informed before we would proceed. The upgrade and bug fixes release is scheduled for every 3 - 4 months, in case of major or security fixes i will be done immediatelly.

Welcome - top

By installing this script you will get lot's of usefull features that will help to run your business. Here is the list of the features:

  • Multiple User Levels
  • Project and Office Time Tracking
  • Agile Kanban Board Development
  • Customer Profiles Database
  • Project Management
  • Work Stream Chat
  • Email Notifications
  • File Sharepoint
  • Multi Currency and Custom Invoices
  • Expenses & Subscriptions
  • Quotes & Questionnaries
  • Reports Graph

More Features are on the way like the Payment Gateway Integrations (Skrill, Paypall, Stripe and more), Time Tracking Reports and Export Feature...

Script Requirements - top

To make sure that the application can run on most of the hosts we decided to run the application on Laravel 5.0 until most of the hosts reach the point and upgrade to a newer PHP Versions. For the Framework Requirements please check out the url below:

The Minimal Application requirements are:

  • PHP
  • MySQL Database
  • Apache / NginX
  • VPS / Dedicated Host/ Sharedhost

Installation - top

To install the Script you need to follow next steps:

  1. Make sure to create a MySQL database and account before proceeding (consult with your hosting provider).
  2. Copy the content of the AgileTeam Script to your host under the prefered domain.
  3. Start the installation from the browser by entering your domain with this path www.yourdomainanme.ext/install
  4. Follow the installation instruction provided in the process by entering the requered details.
  5. If everything is configured correctly and there are not issues with your host the installation should be successfull.

Whats really important to know is that if any issues appear related to the framework and the application can be found in the logs directory of the Laravel Framework. The Path to the logs is YOUR-APP/storage/logs, all other logs can be found depending on your server side and virtual hosts configuration. In case of contacting our support it would be great to share with us the log files in case of a bug occurance.

Please make sure that your server is correctly configured and that it fullfills the requirements, in case if the installation does not run please contact our Support Team with all the required details to solve the issue for you.

Issues - top

In some cases you might run into multiple issues while trying to install the script, in 99% of the cases it won't be the cause of the script but combination of the host and the framework that the script was built on.

How ever the framework that we built the script on top of has a really strong base and it provides lot's of commands to it's artisan interface, thus it might be possible that you would have to do some clean up as it could happen that nothing works unless you execute a few commands that we listed below in your script directory:

php artisan cache:clear
php artisan config:cache
php artisan clear-complied

For a complete set and description of these commands we recommend to run: php artisan help
If you are wondering what is artisan you can check it out on the Laravel web page.

Additional Configurations - top

Virtual Host (Dedicated or Virtual Machine)

To get your installation to work you need to point your shared host the public directory which you can find in the root of the application.

Shared Host Installation

From a practical stand point the of the installation on a Shared host everything should be the same as on a dedicated or a virtual machine where you need to configure the host on your own. But the Shared host does not have a virtual host that you can configure to point to the /public/ on your own or even if it does than it might be easy for you to do so. In case if you don not have that option you need to add an .htaccess file in the root of the application with the content below:

            <IfModule mod_rewrite.c>
              RewriteEngine On
              RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !public/
              RewriteRule ^(.*)$ /public/$1 [L]
In case if still does not work please make sure that look at the access log's on your server side and see if the .htaccess is respected. Also clarify if the rewrite module is activated on the server side. Beside that you might be required to set correct permission to your files and folders of agileteam on the shared host, some hosts do that right after the upload of the files automatically and others might not so you would have to do it manually. If not than execute these two commands below to do so:
          find * -type d -print0 | xargs -0 chmod 0755 # for directories
          find . -type f -print0 | xargs -0 chmod 0644 # for files


To make your installation more secured you can activate the reCaptcha, for that you need to create the account on the reCaptcha web site. Once you hae the keys you can enter them into the YOUR_INSTALLATON/config/app.php configuration file. There you can disable and enable the reCaptcha module.

Datbase Socket

In some cases depending on your server side you might need to configure a socket patch for the DB connection. To get the path of your MySQL socket you can execute this query. To configure the Socket you need to place the Socket path into the YOUR-APP/confi/database.php and in the MYSQL Array you fill find the socket index.

Email Configuration

Your Email Configurations can be set in this configuration file YOUR_INSTALLATON/config/mail.php

Application Caching

The Laravel Framework gives you a great flexibility when it comes to Caching. You can setup a caching in this config file YOUR_INSTALLATON/config/cache.php

How to Upgrade - top


In order to upgrade your AgileTeam Instance please make sure to make a full files copy of the currenct installation and the database snap shoot because there is no roll back mechanism. Follow the next steps to complete an upgrade:

1) First step of the upgrade process is quite simple, you need to overried your current file structure by just copy and pasting new AgileTeam files over the old installation except the "Accounts" directory and the ".env" file (both are stored in the root of AgileTeam Installation, also in case if you have made any changes to the /config/app.php file you need to keep in mind that any customizations will be lost).

2) As soon as you have finished upgrading AgileTeam files you need to upgrade the Database. That can be done through the laravel artisan by executing the migrations scripts. That can be done by executing the next command in your script directory "php artisan migrate".

3) Thats all, you continue using AgileTeam now

Please be aware that the upgrade process will overried any kind of customization that you have made to AgileTeam. In order to avoid that it's recommended that you use a files comapresment tool and merge. Also be aware that the upgrade process does not execute any kind of backups for you, you need to do that manually before starting the upgrade process (we will make sure in future to add a backup feature to make your life easier - thanks for your understandings).

Credits & Licences - top

The Script it self is licenced under the ENVATO Licence Terms. Some parts of the Software are build with help of different plugins and libraries that are covered with different licences. Please find the list and covering licences for these plugins and libraries:

Special Thank You to GoForEpic :

Specially i would like to give credits to GoForEpic the Author of the "Invoicr - PHP Class For Beautiful Invoices" from the Envato Market Place, who allowed us to this great script as part of our project. Due to that the Script included in this project can only be used as a part of this item, otherwise you are required to buy a separated licence, you can buy a licence directly from the Author here: You hold the full responsibility and liability in case of any licence disputes with this author.

Please be aware that that we don't hold the responsibility or liability for any licence changes/alterations of the above listed scripts.

How to use the Project Wiki - top

In case if you are wondering how to use the Project Wiki and which syntax applies please check out the samples at this url

To create a new page just simply add "{page}New Page Title{/page}" (without the quotes) this in your wiki page content. Than preview the page and simply click on the new page link, then edit the page new page.

Support Contact - top

Support can be contacted for Free 24/7 in case of any issues, how ever due to a high support volume be patient while getting an anwswer back. Please also be aware that customization requests are not covered by the support and those can be done for an extra cost.